Continuing our series of Immunology-based Training Days we focus on the Lungs.

Dr Damien Downing will demonstrate how the respiratory system is affected by the environment, toxins (including vaping) and pollutants. Dr Shideh Pouria will focus on therapies to protect the lungs and will include some references to Covid. 

Dr Jerry Thompson will examine respiratory infections and the contribution of air pollution from a GP’s perspective.  

Dr Jenny Goodman will present case histories focussing on asthma, "Asthma Case Histories: The Ecological Approach".

Miriam Elkan will present "A neuro-mechanical approach to lung conditions: a demonstration of simple exercises for immediate use in your practice".  At the end of this talk, delegates will be able to:
1)    Look at their patients and make a simple assessment of whether the patient's body mechanics may be contributing to their lung condition.
2)    Give simple exercises that will help their patients to restore healthy body mechanics, and thus improve lung function.

Followed by the ever popular case histories discussion supported by the BSEM Panel.

Draft programme can be downloaded  HERE


Spotlight on Lungs

12th November 2021

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Spotlight on the Gut

4th February 2022

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Introduction to 

Fasting - F.X Mayr

25th March 2022

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Scientific Conference

Mould & Mycotoxins

24th June 2022

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