Many if not all diseases are said to start in the gut which unavoidably impacts whole body health. You cannot practice ecological medicine without understanding the gut and its role in health.

This Training Day marks the completion of our first cycle of modules, begun in 2018, and the start of a new cycle. Three years now seems a very long time in biomedical science, and there will be new perspectives. We will touch on the following:

Gut health impacts on: skin; joints; brain; and heart.

Gut hyperpermeability sets up vicious cycles of gut and systemic dysfunction.

Nutrition affects cell function which in turn affects nutrition.

Food intolerances and food-borne toxins can dysregulate immunity, cause autoimmunity, and drive chronic inflammation.

The gut microbiome is part of the “self”, and should be in symbiotic harmony with the rest of our cells.

New understanding of the autonomic nervous system, including the polyvagal theory, illuminates the whole gut-brain axis.

6.5 CPD points 

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Beyond the Gut

4th February 2022

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Introduction to 

Fasting - F.X Mayr

New date for 2022 tbc

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Scientific Conference

Mould & Mycotoxins

24th June 2022

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Our Trustees

What our members say

Dr Apelles Econs MRCS LRSP

Medical Director of the Burghwood Clinic

Many years ago the Society enthused me to learn, understand and use fundamental concepts related to allergies and the interaction of human physiology with common environmental factors; in the process I discovered some special “tools" to help many acute or chronic conditions, not taught in medical schools or described in textbooks or official guidelines.

The BSEM has nurtured me and many others to develop a career in a field “ahead of one’s time” - admittedly this is neither for the faint hearted nor a ticket for easy life but it proves to be a powerful tool in hands that want to practice meaningful Medicine and help people beyond drug regimes and “quick fixing” methodologies.

Top class conferences and post graduate seminars, resonate an awareness of some overt and some obscured dangers in the modern world - areas which reflect a colossal void in medical education.  This medical community is warm as is unique, with an expressed intent to educate and share, constantly focused on dealing with the individual and the underlying causes of ill health.  

Gilian Crowther

MA (Oxon), Dip NT/ND, FBANT, CNHC reg.,

Being a member of the BSEM is a huge privilege from a myriad of perspectives. I have learnt so much about the health effects of environmental factors, whether allergens, infections, biotoxins or other contaminants, and remedies to mitigate their impact.

In the over 10 years that I have been a member it has been so inspirational to meet dedicated doctors and complementary therapists who one can build a trusted relationship with and then co-refer to in a truly holistic team.

I regularly participate in the BSEM training - both their regular Training Days and their excellent events, and always come away with new insights that I can immediately fold into my clinical practice.

Dr Jayanth Peddi


Many years ago I was struggling with my own health. I was also struggling to understand my patients’ health issues using conventional medicine and simply followed the suggested guidelines. This is when I was advised to join the BSEM.

I have now been a member for 5 years. Since I joined there has been no looking back. BSEM has guided my training and helped me to gain knowledge which is unavailable elsewhere. Rather than simply following set guidelines for patients, I now understand the importance of identifying the reasons for chronic and acute conditions and how these cause/relate to the  patients’ symptoms.

The conferences and training days organised by BSEM are always so exciting and so much knowledge is shared. I feel honoured to be a member of the BSEM.

Postal Address: BSEM Administration, c/o BSEM Secretary, Dr F Meuschel, Biolab Medical Unit, 9 Weymouth Street, London, W1W 6DB. Tel: 07864 637723. Email: [email protected] Registered Charity No. 326372.
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