Getting Healthy in Toxic Times is the first book to connect the health of our planet with our own well-being, and asks the question that very few doctors do – how can we protect ourselves from the pollution, chemicals and toxins that pervade our environment?We’re all too aware of the traffic pollution in the air, the chemicals in our water, the toxins in the soil (and therefore our food) and the electromagnetic energy emanating from our gadgets. But if we can also understand how they affect our health, not least in the worrying rises in asthma and allergies, infertility, obesity, heart disease, behavioural and neurological disorders as well as cancer, then we can take positive steps to avoid them.We can safeguard ourselves with protective measures, minimise our interactions with those pollutants we can’t get away from, ensure our bodies have the right anti-toxin nutrients and take collective action to fight for our health and that of the environment, both local and global.Backed by the latest scientific and medical research, Getting Healthy in Toxic Times will empower you to look after your own health – and that of the planet. Let’s put the good stuff in and take the bad stuff out!

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