BSEM has a growing membership active in clinical and academic settings. We are delighted to be able to offer our members the opportunity to publish a list of their current publications.

Listing member publications doesn't mean the publications are endorsed by BSEM.

Staying Alive in Toxic Times - Dr Jenny Goodman

The must-have health bible that explains exactly how to stay in radiant, optimal health all year round.
10 Aug 2021

Imagine you are an Aluminium Atom - Professor Christopher Exley

A journey of discovery, reflection, and the science of aluminum.
18 Feb 2021

Gut and Physiology Syndrome - Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

Natural Treatment for Allergies, Autoimmune Illness, Arthritis, Gut Problems, Fatigue, Hormonal Problems, Neurological Disease and more.
3 Nov 2020

Curing the Incurable - Dr Jerry Thompson

Curing the Incurable - Beyond the Limits of Medicine.
1 Nov 2020

The Vitamin Cure for Digestive Disease - Dr Damien Downing

How to Treat and Eliminate Digestive Problems Using Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation
8 Dec 2014

The Vitamin Cure for Allergies - Dr Damien Downing

The Vitamin Cure for Allergies : How to Prevent and Treat Allergies Using Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation
10 Feb 2011
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