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The principal aim of the Society is to promote the study and good practice of allergy, environmental and nutritional medicine for the benefit of the public. These interconnected disciplines play a major part in Ecological Medicine, which is known under the term Functional Medicine in the United States.  Ecological Medicine offers an approach to diagnosis, prevention and to non-toxic treatment that is relevant to all medical practice, and have proved particularly useful in patients with many very common chronic conditions that have not responded to conventional treatments.
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Autumn Seminar

Friday 10th November 2017, 

The Hallam Conference Centre, London W1

Reversing Obesity & Type II Diabetes: Failing with Diet, Succeeding with Fasting



  • Why the orthodox dietary recommendations to counter obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease consistently fail.

  • Insulin resistance as the instigator of most obesity and type II diabetes

  • Why diet and exercise cannot reverse insulin resistance

  • Fasting as a solution for insulin resistance and why it works.

  • Fasting to reverse many chronic diseases and improve longevity.

  • The ketogenic diet for weight loss maintenance.

  • Fasting patients: a practical guide by experienced practitioners.


6 CPD points are being awarded by the RSM & NNA





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BSEM Conference Recordings Available !!

BSEM Conference Recordings Available !!

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Letter in The Guardian by Dr Jenny Goodman (BSEM)

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The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators - A BSEM Report

March 2013: Sutton Council just gave the go-ahead for a big incinerator to be built in South London. For more information about the health effects of waste incineration please see the BSEM report "The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators". More

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