Neuroinflammatory Conditions

A comprehensive overview of evidence-based therapies for neuroinflammatory disorders – the chronic conditions involving damage to the nervous system by the body’s own immune response. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and depression will be presented. This training provides insight into the role of nutritional and environmental medicine and its influence on the underlying physiological issues that contribute to neurodegeneration.

Hear the growing scientific evidence behind the treatment options, pathology testing and dietary interventions.

The learning outcomes for this training package are to:

Describe the impact of inflammation on the central nervous system.

Explain the ways in which the built environment can detrimentally affect the central nervous system.

Recommend nutritional, lifestyle and environmental interventions to assist in the prevention of neurodegenerative disease.

Recommend nutritional, lifestyle and environmental interventions for management of chronic inflammatory conditions.

Identify biomarkers of neurodegeneration and evaluate at risk patients.

Video presentations in this module include:

Neuroinflammatory Disorders – A holistic approach

Overview of neurological health

Key environmental factors impacting on neurological health

Assessment of neuroinflammation – biomarkers to manage neurodegeneration

Genetic assessments

Workshop 1: Case based  – overview and NEM management of neuroinflammatory brain conditions (including ASD & Alzheimer’s disease)

Workshop 2: Case based – Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease

Introducing the ACNEM Four Pillar protocol for mental health

The Maternal Brain – a unique model for neuro-inflammation

Use of nutraceuticals to address neuroinflammation and pain

Use of herbs to address neuroinflammation and pain

Workshop 1: Case based – CIRS

Workshop 2: Case based

Integrative pain management migraines and fibromyalgia

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