The aims of the BSEM are:

To provide support, safety and a networking platform for doctors and other professionals who use the principles of Ecological Medicine in their practice by:

  • collecting and sharing of clinical audits and case studies 
  • providing an online discussion forum on clinical and scientific matters 
  • publishing a regular newsletter for the exchange of ideas and information

To promote education and research into the field of Ecological Medicine by:

  • offering an online resource of scrutinized and peer reviewed studies and publications in the field of Ecological Medicine 
  • running training courses for doctors and other professionals 
  • organising scientific meetings at both national and international level

To raise public awareness for Ecological Medicine and educate the public by:

  • providing a list of doctors working in this field who accept patient referrals
  • selecting a panel of well-respected, clinically experienced academics to scrutinise relevant studies, publications or other evidence in the field of Ecological Medicine to be able to offer the highest level of scientific, credible and evidence based information 
  • translating and publishing this information in an easily understandable language to enable patients to make truly informed choices
Postal Address: BSEM Administration, c/o BSEM Secretary, Dr F Meuschel, Biolab Medical Unit, 9 Weymouth Street, London, W1W 6DB. Tel: 07864 637723. Email: [email protected] Registered Charity No. 326372.
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