Neuroinflammation: An Alternative Perspective on Neuro-Psychiatry

This Training Day is the second of our events focusing on Neuroinflammation.

The day begins with Dr Jenny Goodman presenting the lasting effects that different types of pollution can have on mental health.

We then welcome Dr Richard Fry, Consultant Psychiatrist who will present his experience in working with patients with PANS/PANDAS.

Gilian Crowther and Gittel Lieber will continue the discussion on PANS/PANDAS  with Gittel offering her personal experience as a patient advocate.

After the break Dr Ali Ajaz, Consultant Psychiatrist will present functional health approaches to treating schizophrenia.

Followed by Dr Damien Downing addressing the importance of lipids in neuroinflammatory disease.

After lunch Dr Jenny Goodman returns with Stuart Linke PhD, Consultant Clinical Psychologist. They will examine ways to help our patients make changes in their diet and lifestyle that will lead to lasting changes to their mental and physical health.


Master Class 

This final session is chaired by Dr Shideh Pouria with contributions from the panel and BSEM experts.

We welcome relevant case history contributions from our trainees or those who have completed their training and wish to share a case. It could be a new case or a client that you have been working with for some time. The format is a 10-15 minute presentation, followed by a panel discussion. 

It's too late to submit a case for this training day, but if you have a case please submit it below and we'll take a look for another event.


Please note: We do not accept American Express or Diners Club credit card payments

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