Spotlight on Inflammation - this event will be held online

Inflammation underlying acute & chronic Illness: Immunological & other Mechanisms, Diagnosis & Treatment Options.

Organiser: Dr Julia Piper

The aim of this module is to provide a comprehensive, scientifically and clinically validated outline of the effective diagnosis and management of inflammation incorporating the principles of Ecological / Functional Medicine. The aim is to arm trainees with the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve lasting positive outcomes for patients.

The learning objective for this module should enable trainees and participants to:

* Recall physiology and function as they relate to the most common conditions of the body where inflammation is the underlying mechanism.

* Understand the rationale for choosing the best diagnostic tests/tools for conditions of the body involving inflammation.

* Recognise the role of nutritional and environmental influences in conditions of the body where inflammation is paramount.

* Understand the nutritional and environmental treatment strategies for the treatment of inflammation and develop a checklist to help identify and treat the underlying nutritional and environmental influences including choice of diets and lifestyle interventions. Identify the importance of systems biology to determine the root cause of the inflammatory process; thereby being able to target treatments and recommendations more appropriately.

* Recall the immune dysregulation underlying inflammation; lifestyle and other environmental influencers and novel treatments associated with inflammation.

* The trainee should be able to apply the above learning outcomes to the following common conditions of the human body ie/

Inflammatory joint conditions - eg. Rheumatoid arthritis
Autoimmune conditions eg IBD, SLE,
Thyroid disease
Multiple sclerosis
Fibromyalgia & others

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