BSEM Training Day 7 - Spotlight on the Inflammation
06.11.2019 - Hallam Conference Centre, London

See attached programme, slides of training lectures and handouts.

Information in the handouts represents the speakers' own views and opinions.

BSEM_TD7_Dr Julia Piper_Introduction_Inflammation
BSEM_TD7_Pol De Saedeleer_Analysis of our immune response
BSEM_TD_7_Louise Carder_Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
BSEM_TD7_Louise Carder_CIRS_ICD_10 code_7_9_2018
BSEM_TD7_Dr Damien Downing_Lipids and the Membrane in Inflammation
BSEM_TD7_Dr Sarah Myhill_Inflammation: Assessment, Causation and Treatment
BSEM_TD7_Dr Shideh Pouria_BSEM Panel Discussion of Cases
BSEM_TD7_Prof Dr Rau_Silent_Inflammation
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